Nina Rantala leads Classic to Champions Cup final – 07.10.2017

Classic Tampere is the team that will try to challenge IKSU in the women’s Champions Cup final tomorrow. In today’s semi-final Classic beat UHC Dietlikon 5-1 largely thanks to their effective power play.

It was the star of the game Nina Rantala who put Classic ahead in the first period off a quick free-hit by Eliisa Alanko.  In the end of it, Dietlikon pulled themselves a two-minute penalty that cost them another setback in the beginning of the second. It was Nina Rantala again who scored on a power play. Ella Alanko’s impressive one-timer for 3-0 was yet another one scored with five against four and then goalie Monika Schmid seemed to leave her front post open for Sanni Nieminen to make it 4-0.

Michelle Wiki’s goal seven minutes into the final period raised the hopes for Dietlikon but it was one more power play goal that put an end to them. This time Classic captain Nina Rantala chose to pass one more time to Ella Alanko who scored from the distance.  With Dietlikon taking chances in their high pressure, Classic had their share of good scoring opportunities in the third period but were stopped again and again by Monika Schmid.